TopsFace 3N Contact Lenses Auto-washer


$159.00 $319.00

3N Contact Lens Restorer 4.0 Enhanced Edition
Deep cleaning every day
The contact lens has a mesh-like porous structure. When worn for 6-8 hours, the tear protein secreted by the human eye will fill up the ventilation holes, causing the air permeability to decrease.
The 3N reduction instrument can effectively remove the tear protein deposits on the lens, restore the oxygen permeability of the lens itself, and make the lens as "new" every day.
White: normal operation
Blue: In case of anomalies
Red: insufficient power
Color: white, pink
Cleaning effect: no protein precipitation like day throwing
Cleaning time: 180 seconds
Fuselage Features: Magnetic Control Integrated Warehouse Design
Whether it can be washed: can be washed (to avoid water rushing into the charging port)
Charging method: wired charging
Smart reminder: Yes
Service life: long-term effect of cleaning the base
                          The cleaning warehouse is recommended to be replaced in 3-6 months
 Applicable scene: Suggest a fixed place
Cleaning bin X1
Cleaning base X1
Tweezers X1
Suction rod X1
Charging data cable X1
Manual X1

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