Red and blue oxygen injection apparatus Nano sprayer



Six functions to unlock the secret of tender skin

Atomizing hydrating, high pressure oxygen injection, nutrition introduction, nourishing muscle bottom, red light skin, blue light acne elimination

Function description:

Say goodbye to the surface water, deep nourishment, blooming water, deep into the bottom of the muscle, 24 hours to let you.   

Upgrade 01:03mm nano spray,                                                Upgrade 02:150KPA high pressure dredging,                          Upgrade 03: red/blue dual function irradiation                        

150kpa high pressure dredges the skin channel                            Like a cleaning gun, 150kpa constant pressure rinse face
Accumulate oil, clean pores and improve nutrient absorption efficiency

630nm-LED red light                                                                Liquid 630nm long, known as "bioactive light" ,it can improve cell activity,add Fast metabolism, with whitening spots, tender skin wrinkle, increase skin elasticity, change Improve skin condition, repair damaged skin, narrow pores, tighten skin, improve aging Fluorination.

LED blue light
It can enhance cellular energy and has a good role in promoting metabolism,bluish light,Calm the skin,balanced secretion control oil

Product parameter                                                                    Product name:Red and blue oxygen injection apparatus            Product size:42*146MM                                                            Product model:N2206
Product material:ABS
Net product weight:250G
Maximum power:8W
Charging mode:TYPE-C/USB

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