TopsFace Polar Lights Blue II Colored Contact Lenses


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SKU: XY00017PolarLightsBlueII

Applicable for all people!

Different people may have different effects due to different eye colors.

Upgraded on polar lights blue generation, polar lights blue II adds a blurry black circle on the outside, and a touch of light brown inside the light blue main part, which brings your eyes into focus in a natural and easy way.

Even if you have really dark eyes, these magic contacts could combine perfectly with the original eye color and give you a brand new look. Ready to hang out with polar lights blue II and get plenty of compliments?

1. Embedded coloring process - preventing pigment from adhering to cornea
The pigment doesn't contact cornea directly/ rest assured use.
2. UV protection function - protecting the health of people
Isolating effectively the ultraviolet light that causes cataract and other eye diseases/ giving your eyes more protection.
3. Smooth edge design - comfortable feeling
Smooth edge is designed for real people. Natural and comfortable/ and no foreign body sensation.
4. Non-ionic raw material - against stains
Protein and other stains are not easy to attach/ keeping your eyes moist all day.
5. Yearly use - effectively preserve moisture for one year

Water content: 38%
Thickness: 0.08mm
Texture: Polymacon
Base curve: 8.5mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Period of use: 12 months
Packaging: 1 Pair(2 lenses) + 1 case

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